10th Chemistry Foundation Course

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1.1 Balancing a Chemical Equation.
1.2 Oxidation and Reduction Reaction
1.3 Types of Chemical Reaction
2.1 Family of Salts
2.2 pH Scale and Its Importance in Everyday Life
2.3 Properties and Acids and Bases
3.1 Chemical Properties of Metals
3.2 Corrosion
3.3 Occurrence of Metals
3.4 Physical Properties of Metals and Non-Metals
3.5 Reactions of Metals with the Solutions of other Metal Salts
4.1 Chemical Properties of Carbon Compounds
4.2 Ethanol and Ethanoic Acid
4.3 Hydrocarbons and Their Derivatives
4.4 Soaps and Detergents
4.5 Structure of Some Covalent Compounds
4.6 Unique Nature of Carbon
5.1 Dobereiner’s Triads and Newlands’s Octaves
5.2 Mendeléev’s Periodic Table
5.3 Periodic Properties
5.4 The Modern Periodic Table